Front Marine As

Front Marine is an independent supplier of salmon and salmon trout.

The foundation of the company is to supply salmon and salmon trout to whole sellers, importers and industrial customers domestically and internationally.

The company is owned by the employees and Slakteriet AS, an independent packing station based in Florø. The employees have long experience in the salmon and salmon trout industry.

Our aim is to be able to supply niche markets with quality products. Front Marine strives to ensure quality by being active in every part of the delivery process from farm, harvest, transport and delivery of the product.

Front Marine has customers all around the world and volumes can vary from several hundred tones to a few hundred kilos. We value our customers no matter how large or small and can deliver to almost any port or airport globally.

Photo: Eva Brænd Photo: Johan Wildhagen Photo:Studio Dreyer-Hensley
Front Marine As
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