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Grieg Star owns one of the world’s largest open-hatch fleets. Presently we run 30 of these ships, and 2 new vessels will be delivered within 2014.

Grieg StarGrieg Star enjoys a special position in the transport of forest products. Our open hatch vessels are designed for fast handling of pulp and paper. Large gantry cranes and removable tween decks add substantial flexibility. Steel, aluminium and other metals are important cargoes for us, and windmills, turbines and machinery constitute a fast growing segment of our cargoes.

We also operate a fleet of bulk carriers, equipped with grabs. This fleet operates worldwide carrying a large variety of bulk cargoes.

Our long-term commitment, financial strength and competent people are important to deliver quality and to maintain our position as a world-class shipping group. We emphasize skills, knowledge and innovation. Our continuous research to improve vessels and cargo handling equipment has given us a leading role within our segment.

Safety of the crew, environment, cargo and vessels is our highest priority. Highly qualified Philippine seamen man our vessels. A high return rate among the crew is emphasized to ensure familiarity with vessels and operational standards.

Sustainability and environmental care is always at the core of our operations. Our vision is to have no harmful emissions to air and sea. Our subsidiary Grieg Green offers environmentally friendly recycling of vessels. Building on the group’s vast knowledge and experience, customers are provided with a hands-off, highly competitive and safe way to recycle vessels that are no longer needed in service

Grieg Star

Grieg Star logo   Grieg Star
P.O. Box 781 Sentrum, 5807 Bergen
Tel: +47 55 57 69 50
  Oslo office:
P.O. Box 513 Skøyen, 0214 Oslo
Tel: +47 23 27 41 00

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