Global supplier of subsea services
FRAS is a subsea service company supplying the global oil and gas industry, as well as other marine industries Knowhow, specially designed vessels and the latest subsea intervention and diving equipment makes us a capable and reliable supplier to our customers.

Since FRAS was established in 1993, FRAS has earned a reputation as a high quality subsea services provider. FRAS supplies complete offshore diving and ROV operations in addition to inshore and near-shore diving, engineering and vessel operations. Having its origins in Norway, the company now operates on a global basis, with a strong local presence in strategic and emerging areas. The company has the technology and human resources to undertake a wide variety of subsea operations such as:

  • Inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Construction, installation and decommissioning
  • Module handling
  • Ship wreck oil recovery and salvage

FRAS operates MPSVs and inshore diving/ROV vessels and in 2009 the FRAS owned MPSV Atlantis Dweller was delivered. Another MPSV, Viking Forcados, has been operated by FRAS since 2005 and on bareboat to FRAS since 2009.

Always moving ahead
In 1999 the company was restructured in order to carry out the full range of contractual subsea engineering and operations assignments. Since 2000 to date FRAS has been the largest supplier of IMR and construction air diving to Statoil, inshore and near-shore, and the next step will be to target the North Sea

FRAS entered West Africa in 2005 and since then FRAS has successfully executed subsea service projects in West Africa for clients including, but not limited to, ExxonMobil, Shell, Statoil, Addax, Perenco and Acergy.

Ambitious and capable
With high-end assets and human resources, our ambition is to be a partner who adds value to our clients through tailor-made services. FRAS is an ambitious company, which will continue to invest in new subsea equipment and technology, in order to be a preferred supplier of manned and unmanned subsea services. FRAS will deliver high quality subsea services, which are tailor-made for demanding operations worldwide. FRAS’s philosophy is to add value to our clients through a dynamic organization and corporate culture. Thus, we have strong focus on:

  • High quality and cost-effective solutions
  • HSEQ, procedures and systems to secure safe and efficient operations
  • Investment in strategic assets, new technology and people

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