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When quality & experience count – count on Fugro Seismic Services
Fugro provides quality support and efficient services to oil and gas developers, as well as operating companies worldwide in acquisition, processing and interpretation of high-definition seismic data. Fugro Seismic Services business line quickly responds to all your needs within Marine Seismic Data Acquisition, Seismic Processing of land and marine data as well as Multi Client Seismic Data.

Fugro-Geoteam – safe, reliable, efficient 3D seismic acquisition
Fugro-Geoteam operates an eight-vessel 3D seismic acquisition fleet. Its latest additions, the four C-Class vessels, adhere to DNV Environmental class rules for CLEAN and CLEAN DESIGN that set strict limitations for emissions to air and sea. These vessels have been designed to work worldwide in the most challenging offshore areas, and are capable of towing up to 16 x 8000m long solid streamers, providing maximum acquisition efficiency to our clients. Deck areas and handling solutions throughout the vessels have been arranged to optimize working space and clear visibility providing reduced HSE risk.

Our vessels are equipped with the latest in seismic technology. Combined with Fugro’s Fresnel Zone Binning approach, that reduces infill thereby optimising efficiency for larger surveys, and coming soon our steerable source, for improved 4D data acquisition, we are able to provide efficient and reliable solutions for our clients.

Fugro Seabed Seismic Systems – enhance, resolve, constrain
Fugro Seabed Seismic Systems provides a cost effective, full azimuth, broadband seismic solution for our clients, who increasingly require higher bandwidth, relatively noise-free seismic resolution on which to base development decisions or to initiate exploration programs. Whether you need to better resolve reservoir complexity, further constrain your inversions or acquire seismic data in areas inaccessible to conventional towed streamer seismic, Fugro Seabed Seismic Systems has a tailored solution for your geophysical needs. The convergence of FS3’s proven track record, industry-leading equipment integrity and the Fugro global office network allows our clients to access our considerable 4C-3D technical and operational expertise and reliability, and to benefit from an unsurpassed global reach and local knowledge.

Fugro Seismic Imaging – quality processing, globally
Fugro Seismic Imaging is an established geophysical service provider and an integral member of one of the world’s largest and most progressive geoscience service organisations. As part of the Fugro Geoscience Division we provide seismic data processing services for 2D, 3D, 4D marine, land and transition zone environments using our own developed seismic data processing software, UNISEIS & KISMET.

Service offerings include:
• time processing from field data to final workstation volumes
• structural inversion and depth imaging
• 4D/time lapse
• stratigraphic and interpretive processing

We operate a global network of onshore processing centres where we employ more than 300 professionals: processing and research geophysicists and quality control staff.

In Norway, Fugro Seismic Imaging AS is responsible for processing data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, as well as all data processing carried out onboard Fugro’s fleet of seismic acquisition vessels. Onboard services range from quality control and data validation through full onboard processing.

Fugro Multi Client Services – improving your exploration decision
Fugro Multi Client Services provides high quality multiclient 2D and 3D seismic data from the majority of the prolific hydrocarbon basins in the world. We offer new long-offset 2D and 3D data allowing advanced geophysical analysis, modelling and calibration to lower exploration risk. Surveys are developed in close cooperation with the oil and gas industry. Our experienced geologists utilise the most extensive seismic database to develop new products in all regions.

Fugro-Geoteam’s fleet of seismic vessels has acquired most of our data. We operate to high technical standards producing optimal quality processed seismic with fast turnaround.We have a good cooperation with Fugro Seismic Imaging and ensure our clients receive the best available product. Fast track 3D cubes are typically ready for interpretation 2-3 weeks after last shot.

Most of our modern data are located in our core regions with a large number of clients and significant petroleum exploration and production. Professional client support and geological experience within these regions, EAME, ASIA/PACIFIC and AMERICAS, is guaranteed through our local offices, based in Oslo (Norway/Head Office), Perth (Australia), Houston (USA), Wallingford (UK), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and St.Petersburg (Russia).

With more than 30 years of experience in seismic data acquisition FMCS holds a multiclient database of more than 1,000,000 km 2D and 50,000 sqkm 3D data worldwide. In addition Fugro holds an extensive database of reprocessed 2D and 3D seismic. We operate one of the largest seismic libraries in the world.

Fugro Seismic Services

Fugro Seismic Services
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