Gas & Diesel Power AS

Gas & Diesel Power has been a pioneer in the development of marine gas engines.

Advanced technology and a skilled staff make us an attractive supplier for anyone looking to use gas engines in ships, for propulsion or auxiliary use.

With its origin dated back to 1946, the company has been a key supplier of marine engines for the Norwegian shipping markets for many decades. Since 1985, the mother company, DIESEL POWER has been distributor of Mitsubishi engines in Norway and has supplied more than 1100 marine engines.

During the most recent years, a considerable part of the activities has been related to marine gas engines for ships. As a consequence, a separate company, Gas & Diesel Power, has been established to marketing the Mitsubishi Marine Gas Engines.

Worlds first
At Gas & Diesel Power we are proud to have played a key role in the development of the first LNG powered car ferry.

M/F Glutra. The ship was commissioned in January 2000 and has been in operation since. Experiences gained from this project have certainly contributed to the increased use of gas engines on ships.

The environmental choice
Gas & Diesel Power operates in any part of the world where particular emphasis is placed on preservation of the local environment.

Skilled and experienced staffs are continuously looking to improve our products and services. They also thrive on challenges from demanding customers looking for improved performance.

Through co-operation with first class global manufacturers, Gas & Diesel Power is able to offer marine gas engine packages combining clean emissions with improved operational economy.

Gas & Diesel Power – a pioneer in marine gas engines
– More than a decade’s presence in the marine gas engine market
– Strong in-house knowledge about gas engine performance
– Extensive experience in commissioning gas engines
– Supplier of complete marine gas engine packages

Product Range
– Marine gas generating sets for auxiliary and electric propulsion 300 – 1000 kW
– Propulsion gas engines for CPP and water jet 300 – 1000 kW

Gas & Diesel Power AS
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