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GE Healthcare

Connecting Biological Research to Clinical Therapy



GE Healthcare works with customers to help them
connect biological research to clinical therapy. This
gives the company unique insight into the journey cells,
genes and proteins make from biology to therapy.
This exciting and relatively new development can be
compared to that of the information technology industry
thirty years ago. GE Healthcare believes that biology
today is at the beginning of a similar transformational
journey of its own.

Fast forward thirty years and lives will be significantly
changed by the things learned from interpreting the
vast amounts of biological data that will be collected.
Combining this knowledge and biological understanding
GE Healthcare helps its customers to develop clinical
therapies that are increasingly targeted to individual
patients and specific variants of disease, and are more
effective as a result.

Solutions for cell and protein manipulation

GE Healthcare build tools used to manipulate genes,
cells and proteins: identifying genes, cells and proteins,
understanding how they work and coaxing them into
producing substances that can be used therapeutically.
The research tools help scientists study cells, genes
and proteins in a variety of applications, all the way

from understanding the biological basis of diseases to
guiding drug development to treat them.

GE Healthcarebioprocessing solutions support
customers that manufacture biopharmaceuticals, the
new and increasingly prevalent drugs, vaccines and
therapies that based on biological life forms. These
solutions are vital to global health and are used in the
manufacture of insulin and many other drugs for diseases
such as cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

GE Healthcare offers customers scalable solutions
ranging from single products for pharmaceutical
manufacturing, to building entire biopharmaceutical
production facilities. The KUBio™, modular
biopharmaceutical facility, for example, has an important
role in strengthening global biological medicine
manufacturing capacity.The single-use bioprocessing
technology platform simplifies and accelerates
biopharmaceutical manufacturing and was conceived
and developed at GE Healthcare’s site in Uppsala.
Flexibility in manufacturing processes is vital for
customers as they respond to the
need to produce a larger variety of biopharmaceuticals
for smaller populations, switching easily and quickly
between them, as therapies become more targeted.


Harnessing bioprocess expertise to advance future medicine

One area GE is betting on is regenerative medicine, cell and immunotherapies. With these treatments, doctors can address the underlying causes of disease, essentially teaching a patien’s body to heal itself.

Life Sciences’ Cell Therapy business is industrializing the tools and processes needed to bring these new therapies into mainstream clinical practice, investing in the field for the long-term, and partnering with pharma, biotech and clinical researchers.
GE Healthcare has the required combination of biological, engineering and industrial capabilities to accelerate the field into the mainstream. Only by being affordable and efficiently produced will these revolutionary therapies become widespread.

Increasing the understanding of cells, genes and proteins

An important part of this journey is helping customers look at
biology rather than manipulate it. This is all about diGE-Healthcare3agnosis of disease and using an understanding of how cells, genes and proteins work. GE Healthcare’s goal is to help clinicians make more informed diagnoses that lead to better patient outcomes. With diagnostic products used in X-ray, CT, MRI, SPECT or PET scans, GE Healthcare helps doctors to get a better picture when managing diseases such as cancer, heart disease or Parkinson’s.

Understanding how genetic variations affect disease is critical to the discovery and development of new and more effective therapies for complex diseases such as breast cancer




GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Uppsala

One of the GE Healthcare’s key sites is in Uppsala, Sweden, which has been a global hub for the life sciences
since the 1950s. The Uppsala site has around 1,200 employees working with production, research & development
and with support functions such as marketing. In Umeå, GE Healthcare has a production site that has around 400
Recently GE Healthcare announced a SEK 870 million investment on its manufacturing facility in Uppsala that will
significantly increase the plant’s current production capacity for chromatography resins that are used in protein
purification. At present, the facility produces 250 different types of chromatography resin used in the purification of
more than 90% of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved biopharmaceuticals.

Björkgatan 30, SE-751 84 Uppsala
+46 18 612 00 00