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The best Norwegian telecom and electronics provider, for worldwide maritime and oil & gas industry.

GIS WAVELINK is a market leading VSAT solutions with 24/7 support from our Network Operations Center (NOC). We have more than 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of customer needs with our competitive prices and global coverage. You get a guaranteed minimum capacity and a flexible bandwidth with high burst-ability from a redundant land based network. GIS WAVELINK VSAT can be supplied as a C or KU-Band solution with bandwidth options from 17kb up to 25mb

Greater Business Productivity with GIS WAVELINK
• Always-on broadband service to support rising network usage at a fixed monthly fee
• Increasing daily phone and email usage from ship to shore and ship to ship
• Improving operations by running real-time business applications onboard its vessels
• Reducing costs associated with vessel management and maintenance by enabling remote access and support
• Video conference in HD quality
• Expanding contact with customers, vendors, port authorities and corporate operations
• Reduced use of Cellular Phones and Inmarsat
• Accessing real-time weather and navigation information, resulting in faster routes and fuel savings
• Providing crew with high-speed Internet and access for email, chat, phone calls, online training and studies.

This meets growing crew demands for contact with friends and family back home. Gives favorable terms to employ experienced personnel in the maritime market, expanded communication capabilities attracts qualified crew.

GIS is a Norwegian agent for Intellian and SeaTel TVRO & VSAT antennas. We also have a dealer network in Norway for both GIS WAVELINK VSAT and TV systems

General Service
GIS performs Installation, Commissioning, Service & Support on all equipment and systems supplied by us.

Our skilled field engineers and technicians use methodical and proven approach to trouble shoot and repair any equipment of the installed system.

All work is fully documented and reported. Copies are stored in our database, and also distributed to the vessel and the customer. In this way we help to ensure that anyone working with the equipment in the future has access to its full service history.

GIS provides customers with tailored maintenance agreements covering technical support, service and parts supply for new and old equipment.

Our technical ad-hoc e-mail and telephone support is incorporated for all our VSAT customers.

GIS AS has offices in Norway, Spain and Singapore

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