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Genomnia was founded in October 2008 in Milan with the main focus of collecting and developing a strong know-how in key areas of genomics. Since 2011 is one of the first Italian SME ISO 9001 certified for the design and delivery Next generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatic analysis services.

Thanks to the relevant expertise in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatic Analysis of deep sequencing data, Genomnia joined several national and international projects as an active partner. This led to the development and validation of proprietary laboratory protocols, analytical models and bioinformatics pipeline.

Genomnia makes available its ISO9001 certified Next Generation Sequencing workflow both for ordinary NGS services and for projects that require a customized design.

Our team is composed by professionals with a strong research experience in Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Immunology and Bioinformatics. Thanks to this experience our team will be able to be your best partner in the three main operative steps of our service:

Design our most experienced consultants will be involved in definition both of the experimental design and of the most reliable protocols;
Service once the sample will pass the quality check after 14 weeks our Bioinformatic team will deliver and discuss the results;
Bioinformatic warranty: for a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 3 months, Genomnia makes available his Bioinformatic team which will support the customer through a) e-mail, b) phone and c) remote connection.

Business skills cover the production and the bioinformatics analysis of sequence data applied to massive projects for :
        • Exome Sequencing;
        • RNA Sequencing;
        • miRNA Sequencing;
        • ChIP and Methyl Sequencing;
        • 16S Sequencing for microbiome characterization

For each application are available two different levels of Bioinformatic analysis.
The first level offers a mapping to the reference genome or transcriptome and consequent identification of known features at a given mismatch rate; our pipelines give reliable sample comparison and statistical differential analysis; the secondary level offers an advanced analysis that exploits the power of the strong investment in terms of R&D and infrastructure. In particular it offers functional annotation and identification of biological links; prediction of novel features; correlation analysis; model building.

In addition, on 2013, thanks to the speed of the new  NGS platforms and design of specific gene panels,  new diagnostic services for the characterization of the main Cardiological, Oncological and Hearing loss and Neurological diseases were launched in collaboration with our European partners.

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