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Genovis and the wholly owned subsidiary GeccoDots share a vision; To help create conditions for better pharmaceuticals through new technology that saves resources and provides improved individual care for everyone. Genovis has introduced new products in the segment for development and production of biologics, where it has found a unique and focused niche for commercialization of its products.

Technology and Products
Genovis has focused on design and production of products to analyze and characterize pharmaceutical substances using unique enzymes and various production formats. The product portfolio consists of three enzymes FabRICATOR®, IgGZERO™ and FabULOUS™ and Genovis has several other unique enzyme products under development.

Benefits of Genovis products
An antibody is a very large molecule and several different analyses are required to characterize an antibody. Characterization is essential for all processes in the development of a new medication, from early discovery through clinical trials to commercial product. Once in production, the analyses are used to monitor the quality of the medication. Genovis’ products enable customers to work with completely new analytical methods. They can use the enzymes to carry out faster analyses with higher quality than competing technology can offer.

Using FabRICATOR, researchers can detect errors in the development process in less than one hour compared with other methods.
GeccoDots AB
GeccoDots provides unique multimodal contrast agents and biomarkers for medical imaging. By combining contrast agents, optical probes, radionuclides and nanotechnology, GeccoDots products offer a new toolbox for multipurpose imaging (
Today 90% of the customers are industrial, primarily pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies, as well as companies that offer contract manufacturing of biologics. One common denominator for the customers is that they all work with antibody-based drugs. Over the past two years customers from companies and organizations including Pfizer, the FDA, Pierre Fabre, Novartis, LFB, Genentech and Amgen have published scientific articles demonstrating new analyses and the potential of Genovis products. This achievement represents good technical and commercial feedback to the company and also provides effective marketing of the products.

Business Model
The business model is based on the sale of consumables. All products are designed as single-use materials and Genovis focuses development of new product formats on technologies that facilitate sample preparation, are easy and robust to use and that facilitate upscaling of customer processes. When the pharmaceutical industry registers production processes and analytical methods for a new drug, changes in the protocol are avoided during the life cycle of the product since it is an expensive process. This is strategically important for Genovis since sales could substantially rise if customers integrate FabRICATOR and the other products into clinical development and ultimately in production of drugs, which would represent a major boost in consumption. Establishing Genovis’ enzymes in routine processes will lead to long-term customer relationships. Genovis’ products do not require any regulatory authorization.

Genovis launched the enzyme products in the European and North American markets in 2009 and 2010. Over the past years, the enzymes have shown consistent sales growth of over 100% annually. Sales are carried out both directly to end customers and in cooperation with distributors, who in turn market the products to customers on different regional markets. Distributors are currently represented in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. The largest market for Genovis’ products is the US, which accounts for about 60 percent of sales.

Collaborations and partners
Genovis and its subsidiary GeccoDots has well-established relationships with several academic partners. The strategy is to involve customers, companies and academic research groups in R&D to build a valuable pipeline and sustainable development of new products with a focus on market needs.

For preclinical marketing, Genovis and GeccoDots are always willing to collaborate in initiatives such as co-marketing, sales and distribution. For clinical development, GeccoDots is actively seeking partners to work with at an early phase.

Company information
Genovis is a biotech enterprise headquartered in Lund, Sweden and listed on the NASDAQ OMX First North stock exchange since 2006. The group consists of Genovis AB and the wholly owned subsidiary GeccoDots AB.

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