GEOFROST is an engineering and contracting company. We are specialized in artificial ground freezing in tunneling and civil engineering. Our innovative geotecnical solutions are environmentally friendly and are tailor-made. We perform brine freezing as well as nitrogen freezing, and also offer specialities as ice plug, freeze dredging and permatunnel. Artificial ground freezing is your predictable and safe solution to challenging ground conditions.

Through our closeness of theory and experience in our work, we are seeking methods that are advantageous towards the total environment. We will have no accidents and a good working environment. GEOFROST AS shall make the most of the concentrated total competence and skills within the company, and thereby offer our services at an agreed price to fulfill the customer’s requirements within an agreed timetable. GEOFROST shall never offer or accept a bribe, facilitation payment, kickback or other improper payment for any reason.

GEOFROST is both a consulting and a contracting company, even doing research projects and renting out freezing plants. The ISO 9001:2000 certificate covers the following activities: Ground freezing and frost related topics with emphasis on construction works, such as tunnels, shafts and construction pits. The consulting and contracting activities include: Management, design, and operation, research and development. For freeze dredging services we are cooperating with FriGeo AB.

Core staff:
Anne-Lise Berggren has a Ph.D. in geotechnic. She lectures once a year at the northern most universty in the world: UNIS at Spitsbergen, and is an external examiner at The Norwegian University of science and technology, NTNU. She is for the time being engaged by The Norwegian National Rail Administeration for the InterCity project, after having been at Eidsvoll-Hamar where they now finish Norways presently largest infrastructure project.

Anne-Lise is the founder of GEOFROST, and is still the CEO.


Hosletoppen 46, 1362 Hosle, Norway
+47 67 14 73 50