Geomatics consultancy company specialized in Navigation QC

The Company
Geograf AS peopleGEOGRAF AS is a privately held Norwegian company established in 1996. The head office is located in Sandnes, Norway. The company provide services to the oil and gas industry, as well as national and local mapping authorities. GEOGRAF has experience in offshore exploration, field development projects and the processing of seismic and navigation data. The company also perform quality control of both corporate and central positioning databases, processing of bathymetric data, and evaluation and re-calculation of geodetic networks.

GEOGRAF is a steadily growing independent and innovative Geomatics company and offers its clients Quality services and Neutral evaluations worldwide.

GEOGRAF’s prime focus and market approach is to enhance and secure the quality of seismic survey data. GEOGRAF got more than 15 years of experience in improving accuracy and consistency of the seismic survey data owned by both national and international oil companies. Data that is vital for making correct decisions in the business of finding oil.

The Vision
In all our fields of operation our goal is to analyze, validate and present information that can be utilized easily and effectively by the customer.

The People
Our services are based on human resources. Our employees are the company’s most valuable assets. We are about 30 employees with long experience within Geodesy, Geophysics, Geophysical Operations, Hydrography, Data Management and Research & Development.

Our highly skilled experts aim to point at and recommend the most accurate, economical and viable solutions.

The Services

  • Navigation QC and processing
    GEOGRAF provides QC consultancy using ResTool (QC and processing of navigation data) and ProMAX (QC and processing of seismic data).
  • Consultancy services
    GEOGRAF’s broadly experienced consultants in Geosciences are often in-sourced to client companies to fill competence fields not provided by these companies’ own personnel. The length of a consultancy services contract may vary from months to several years. The majority of these contracts are based on long lasting client relationships.
  • Survey Management
    Seismic, and Geotechnical Operations from planning and ITT, through offshore fieldwork and evaluation.
  • Rig Positioning QC
    Offshore and onshore, consisting of verification and QC of SOW and ensure accurate position of the subsea field work.
  • Data management
    GEOGRAF looks upon Data Management as the assurance that the data exists as unique, accurate and available data sets. “Data management is the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets.”
  • Geograf AS navigationSeismic data analysis
    GEOGRAF is an independent company which acts as client representatives during seismic processing. Our specialist staff provides services within seismic data analysis of 2D & 3D Data Processing and VSP.
  • Research & Development
    ResTool software package is developed and supported by GEOGRAF, and is among the leading and most userfriendly tools for navigation QC, data processing and GIS analysis.
  • Education & Training
    Navigation is one of the most important elements within all seismic surveying. Geographical accuracy is a vital element for drilling in the optimal spot.

GEOGRAF is increasing the know-how of our client’s personnel by offering tailor-made courses in navigation which includes topics like Surveying and measurement, Trigonometry, Geodesy and Hydrography. This together with Observation theory and analysis cover vital elements in navigation. The courses most often include overviews in seismic processing and GPS/ GNSS. OGP format descriptions are also covered.

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