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MeetingPoints Mining – partnership in the minerals sector

Sweden is one of the largest European producers of metals such as iron, gold, silver, lead, copper and zinc. The country possesses a substantial knowledge in mining and exploration methods and Swedish companies are among the world leading suppliers of mining equipment. The Geological Survey of Sweden acknowledges the need for a European research and development agenda related to the sustainable use of metals and other raw materials

The increasing global demand for raw materials creates great opportunities for economic growth in countries rich in minerals. However, it can also be a source of environmental challenges, corruption and human rights violations if the resources are not managed in a fair and sustainable manner.

With this in mind, the Geological Survey of Sweden runs MeetingPoints Mining, a project to facilitate partner driven co-operation. By establishing networks, creating meeting points and initiating education and training programs, the project facilitates longterm, self-sustaining relationships between private enterprises, public authorities, universities and other organizations within the mining sector in Sweden and southern Africa. This constitutes a win-win situation for the collaborating partners and a win for the society by enhancing sustainable socio-economic development.

Partner driven co-operation is based on mutual interests and needs. Current participants involve nations from southern Africa where the Swedish policy on long-term development cooperation is being replaced by more selective cooperation strategies. MeetingPoints Mining is funded by Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and supports the overall objective of the Swedish development cooperation – to enable people to improve their living conditions with the primary focus on combating poverty.

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GIS training (Zambia)
In collaboration with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), SGUs Meeting Points Mining is teaching GIS (Geographical Information System) technique to geology students from the School of Mines, University of Zambia. This training forms part of a capacity building program run by GTK.

  Industrial Minerals Resources (Botswana)
Sampling rocks to analyze their qualities as machine sand for concrete and as aggregates for road construction.

  Matchless Belt Project (Namibia)
The Namibian Matchless Belt is known for its rich mineral resources. The University of Namibia, the University of Uppsala, the Geological Survey of Namibia, SGUs Meeting Points Mining and a number of exploration and mining companies currently active along the Matchless Belt are stakeholders in a project that aims to provide modern information and data which will contribute to resolving the tectonic and geochronological evolution and metallogeny of the belt, based on detailed structural, metamorphic, metallogenic, isotopic and geochronological studies.
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