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The Geonor model T-200B has become the market leader in the Nordic countries and North America for measuring precipitation and intensity for both snow and rain.


For more than 35 years, the Geonor M-600 series of pore pressure gauges have been known for their high quality and long-term stability


In many countries, Geonor vane instruments have become the industry
standard for in situ soil testing of soft clays


Geonor AS has been operating within geotechnical, meteorological and environmental business for more than 50 years and has exported high quality instruments and equipment to more than 100 countries. Geonor is a privately owned company and benefits from the expertise and experience of its founder and partner in technical development, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, as well as other research institutes.


Meteorological instruments

Geonor all-weather precipitation gauges are used by leading meteorological services and climatic networks worldwide and contribute to accurate measurements and provide scientists with reliable meteorological and climatic data.

Other users are typically national road and airport authorities, agricultural institutes and international hydro energy companies.

Geotechnical Field Instrumentation

Geonor pioneered the development and production of geotechnical field instrumentation based on vibrating wire technology. Technical improvements have made the vibrating wire sensor the most reliable instrument for measuring pressure, load, stress and strain in motorways, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, embankments, and other civil engineering structures.

Soil Testing and Sampling

Geonor soil testing and sampling equipment provides reliable data – particularly for the study of soft clays – to support important civil engineering decisions. A range of internationally well known in-situ testing instruments is available including vane instruments from 3-30 meter.

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