Photo: GEORANGEexpands the concept of “development” in the mining and minerals industry

Take advantage of the globalization!
As Chairman of GEORANGE I have a strong focus on the mine- and mineral assets of Sweden. Unique assets in the sense that they are not that easy to move abroad and the need for these assets on a global market. My strategic view has been to work goal oriented in order to strengthen local, regional, national and international competiveness in this global market. As there is an increasing international interest in our Swedish assets why not take advantage of this global demand. Within the European Union we consume 20% of the global metal production but we only produce 5%. With the increasing demand from China and India in perspective our challenge is to work more strategic with our raw material supply in Europe.

Sweden is an important mining country with assets not only in raw material but also in competence, culture and knowledge. Georange also believes that recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a resource that will become increasingly important as a raw material (secondary raw material) not only because it complements the primary source of virgin ores but also because it substantially reduces environmental impact and the climate footprint. We believe that Sweden has a well-functioning recycling value chain, with efficient cooperation among parties of the various links of the chain. Our ultimate aim is to help put our combined knowledge on the map and share our experience with other parts of the globe. We have responsible producers, efficient collection and recycling system and the world’s biggest and most modern smelter of e-waste at Boliden’s facilities in Rönnskär.

One of the main challenges we are facing is how we, from today’s global demand for raw material, can create competitive international businesses to be active both in traditional branches but also within the knowledge based industry. From my point of view we need to take on these challenges in order to prosper in the future. GEORANGE is truly a unique ”pro mine nongovernmental organization” attracting members from both Enterprises, Universities and Municipalities. An organization whose main task is, to expand the concept of social- and business development in the mining and minerals industry and to create conditions that inspire the development of new and existing companies.

GEORANGE organization has today about 50 members from municipalities, organizations, Universities and private companies.

Photo: Matts Bildström


At the moment GEORANGE is active within a number of areas:

– EuroMineExpo – Europe’s most important trade fair and conference for the mining and associated industries.
– Future Mining and Minerals Industry, Modern Urban and innovative business development
– Future Circular Materials Expo – an international conference and trade fair
– Develop methods for problem solving in connection with land issues – increase respect, knowledge and understanding between different industry branches.
– Build Networks – broaden the view for the need of business development both within the mining and mineral industry as well as in society in order to create sustainability.

Lennart Gustavsson, Chairman

+46 953 211 10