GETEK is a supplier of off grid electricity supply systems. If you are looking for robust high-tech energy solutions GETEK is your supplier.

GETEK use the most modern and advanced technology to provide our customers with reliable electricity supply. We offer tailor-made solutions based on solar panels, windmills and diesel generators which are designed to operate in hybrid systems.

GETEK is probably the most experienced installer of these kinds of solutions in Scandinavia, involved in over 12 000 installations during the last 30 years. GETEK has gained important experience in the extreme weather conditions in the Norwegian mountain regions where frost, ice and wind is a constant threat to the equipment.

GETEK has been involved in the delivery of most of the grid connected solar systems delivered in Norway. GETEK is at the forefront of the energy solutions of tomorrow and has, among other things, experience from suppling a hybrid solar/wind energy system for a hydrogen- fuelcell facility designed and operated by the Norwegian energy giant StatoilHydro.

GETEK offers engineering, delivery, installation, commissioning, service and monitoring of the installations.

• Standardized compact Power Solutions – APS
• Modular power system Power Box
• Hybrid solar / wind / diesel / power plants from 10 kW-10MW

Our solutions are especially suited for the following areas of usage:

• Professional installations such as automatic weather stations, telecom installations and navigating systems.
• Tourist lodges/resorts located in areas without electricity
• Rural health institutions
• Off grid living

Our most important reference customers are: the Norwegian National Costal Administration, Police, ABB Industry, Telenor, StatoilHydro, the Norwegian Arctic
Institute, the Norwegian public Works Administration, the Norwegian Tourist Association, AVINOR, plus a number of private lodges.


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