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          Isocyt Freja: A unique isolation technology system to protect operators from potent compounds during reconstitution of cytotoxic compounds. 
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The life science industry segment represent a growing proportion of customers for Getinge Infection Control AB, which provides complete solutions for cleaning and sterilization in pharmaceutical and biotech facilities, in the Nordic region and far beyond.

Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance in the life sciences Industry. The repeatability and reliability of cleaning and sterilization processes is crucial to ensure that quality assured production can be carried out in controlled conditions.

Regulatory authorities have exacting requirements for processing and documentation to ensure aseptic conditions are maintained. Getinge Infection Control AB, a leading global provider of equipment and systems within healthcare and life sciences, is well placed to meet these demands. It is a specialist in contamination control and prevention with a growing proportion of its business among life sciences customers, from major pharmaceutical companies and government research institutes to smaller biotech companies.

“When a bio-pharmaceutical company produces drugs, those drugs must be produced in an aseptic, controlled environment,” explains Stephen Morley, Business Development Manager in Getinge Infection Control’s Life Science business. “All the components in the manufacturing of the drugs have to be sterile and all the equipment that comes into contact with the drug must be cleaned and sterilized. In addition, researchers and investigators who work in bio-medical research during the development phases of a new therapy must ensure that the laboratory animals are kept in clean and sterile conditions, so sterilization of laboratory equipment is another of our specialties.

Getinge AB has a more than 100-year history, starting in the small town of Getinge in the south of Sweden in 1904. It produced its first sterilization equipment in 1932, and is well known in the Nordic area for its expertise with disinfection and sterilization within the healthcare environment. What is perhaps less known, however, says Stephen Morley, is that Getinge also provides complete solutions to the life sciences industry. “Nowadays we supply much more than sterilizers. In the last 15 years we have grown our business, and continue to do so, based on an aggressive growth strategy of organic growth and acquisitions. We now supply utility systems (clean steam and water supplies), closure processors (for cleaning and sterilization of rubber stoppers used in vials and syringes), and critical cleaning equipment,” says Stephen Morley. “Most recently we acquired La Calhène, a world leader in isolation technology, based in France.

Having this wide ranging portfolio mean we can now supply complete systems and application solutions to our customers in the life sciences arena.” The vision is to continuously integrate complementary core competences in order to ensure the company’s continuing success in a highly competitive marketplace. “Our goal is to sell not only a piece of innovative equipment but a complete system that offers greater efficiency and significant economic advantages for our customers,” says Stephen Morley.

Steam/Air mixture sterilizers with innovative features to protect packaging during terminal sterilization       

The growth strategy via organic growth and acquisitions is complemented by geographical expansion, says Stephen Morley, where Getinge is going into areas where it has previously not been so active, such as India and Turkey, and expanding its presence in other markets, like Germany, that present growth areas. This is important in life sciences, characterized by companies that act globally. In addition, he notes that the R&D market is booming in the field of bio-containment. In the USA this is related to the Homeland Security programme prompted by the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which has prompted the need for a coordinated plan against the threat of bio-terrorism. Getinge is developing systems for use in all types of biocontainment facilities, but in particular within the highest risk agent groups, BSL3 and BSL4. “We see life sciences as a clear growth opportunity for Getinge, one that we intend to seize in parallel with the strong growth of the life sciences and biotech industry in the Nordic region.”

Getinge GEW Series cGMP Washer-Dryers provide validatable, repeatable critical cleaning of components and equipment parts. Getinge GEE Ethylene Oxide sterilizers are used for Terminal Sterilization of heat sensitive Medical Devices. Getinge’s Closure Processing system (CPS) allows sterile transfer of clean stoppers to a filling line.
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