Gexsys AS


| Design and construction
of control systems for hazardous areas

Gexsys AS is a Norwegian-founded
company established in late 2006. We
are located near Stavanger Airport, on
the outskirts of Stavanger, the capital
of the Norwegian petroleum industry

We are a young and ambitious technology company heavily focused on design and construction of control systems for hazardous areas, supplying the oil and gas industry in Norway and Internationally

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| We offer a wide range of
products & technology solutions

Container solutions (EN-50381/Norsok Z-015/DNV 2.7-2) | WOCS systems
HPU control systems | Intervention control systems | HMI systems | Injection control systems | UPS systems | F&G control systems | Breather systems | SIL SD systems | Operator panels | Motor starter panels | RIO cabinets | Victor Lightning Technology | Industrial solutions | Electrical solutions for vessels etc.

Panels and enclosures, such as Ex d, e, px, py, pz, i, ma, mb, nA, nC, nR, nL, v2, v3 and combination of mentioned types of protection

Flyplassvegen 214, NO-4055 Sola
+47 41 51 77 77