Gesellschaft Für Therapieforschung

Excellence and experience tailored towards your needs.


We are keeping it in the family

GKM (Gesellschaft für
Therapieforschung mbH) is an
independent, family-owned
contract research organization
(CRO) which was founded in
1981 and is headquartered in
Munich, Germany. We provide
a comprehensive portfolio of
services for the pharmaceutical
and biotech industry and
manufacturers of medical devices.


A history of excellence

We have been in the clinical
research business now for almost
35 years. This has given us a wealth
of experience and knowledge
– we have completed over 600
projects, involving approximately
1.5 million patients. We are
experts in planning and managing
national and international clinical
trials as well as non-interventional


Services of the highest quality

We have a team of 72 in-house
professionals, and we work with
90 freelance clinical research
associates (CRAs). The team is
highly competent and qualified
in scientific, organizational and
administrative matters. We deploy
state-of-the-art technology
and comply with the very latest
standards. Your clinical research
project is safe in our hands.


We are on your side throughout the course of your study.



 A partner you can trust and rely on.


Partnerships built to last

We have an extremely stable
team structure, with very low
staff turnover. As a result, we
can offer you a single point of
contact, even for long-term
partnerships spanning multiple
projects. You get to know us,
and we get to know you. What’s
more, we foster close interaction
between all departments, which
allows us to implement complex
projects rapidly and flexibly – to
the highest quality standards.

  The right size for
agility and efficiencyWe are smaller than some of our
competitors, it’s true. Large CROs
sometimes struggle to keep pace
with change – and that’s where
we have the edge. We respond
rapidly, efficiently and flexibly
to your unique needs, corporate
policies and processes at every
stage of your project. And we
can tailor one-stop CRO solutions
or deliver selected services,
depending on your requirements.
The choice is yours.


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