GKN Aerospace Norway AS

GKN Aerospace Norway AS (GAN), previously known as Volvo Aero Norge AS, was established in 1987 to acquire the assets of the former jet engine division at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, which produced components to a range of engine programs for commercial and military aircraft. GAN is 100 % owned by GKN plc., which acquired Volvo Aero in 2012. The company represents a technological competence centre within advanced mechanical production, and offers reliable deliveries of complex parts trough flexible solutions.

Quality Assurance
GAN manufactures mechanical components and modules to the highest quality requirements to the world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers, and for both military and commercial aircraft engines. It is certified to NATO AQAP 2310 Ed A, ISO 9001, AS 9100 Rev.C and ISO 14001.

GKN Aerospace Norway

Commercial Engine Products
GAN’s commercial engine products include the following:
• PW4000-94/-100/-112; Turbine Exhaust Case, Hub, Disk, Seals
• JT8D-200 /FT8 shaft
• CFM56 LPT case and vanes
• GE90-10/115B; compressor shaft, Impellers and air seals
• GEnx Turbine Rear Frame
• PW1000 Shaft and Turbine Exhaust Case
Military Engine Products
GAN’s military engine products include the following:
• F100 LPT shafts and cases
• F119 LPT shaft
• F135 LPT shafts and cases
• F414 HPC cases and mid-frames
• F110 LPT vanes
• F136 HPC cases







GKN Aerospace Norway

Corporate Strategy
GAN’s corporate strategy is to achieve a balanced accumulation of commercial and military aircraft engine programs, that will ensure long-term market access. The aim is for these agreements to remain valid for the whole lifetime of the programs; i.e. 30 to 50 years. This target has been pursued through participation as a co-owner in commercial aircraft engine projects, for both standard and wide-bodied aircraft. Deliveries of components and modules to the commercial engine programs, amount to approximately 75 % of GAN’s turnover.

GKN Aerospace Norway AS
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