Gleipnir AS

GleipnirGleipnir AS is an engineering and sales company who designs and produces lifting and handling products and solutions for Offshore, Marine, Subsea and Fishery. Located in Haugesund since 2007, Gleipnir is designing innovative equipment which is tailored to the exact needs of today’s and tomorrow’s demands.


Gleipnir is founded upon know-how and experience, accumulated over a decade within the offshore and marine industry.


Gleipnir designs and produces lifting, guiding, and handling equipment focused on meeting costumer needs for today and tomorrow. Creativity, innovation, experience, and costumer involvement, help reach our goals. Value is added to our products by implementing international rules, standards, guidelines, recommendations, available technology, and research. This results in denite advantages in quality, performance, durability, cost efficiency, and safety for our costumers. Gleipnir values its costumers, suppliers, and staff, emphasizing long-term relationships and mutual thrust.

By questioning each existing solution, Gleipnir aims to innovate the nowdays range of lifting equipment which makes the company ready to meet the challenges in the future.


Gleipnir AS
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