GMA AB Sweden

GMA Ground Machinery Applications AB


GMA is a family owned private company that has successfully developed and produced packers and injection equipment during more than 20 years. All production lines are to be found under one roof which enhances our flexibility to make and deliver the exact products needed by our customers.

GMA has gained both knowledge and experience through years as a leading supplier to a majority of projects both in Scandinavia and throughout the world. Together with other partners within this sector, we have developed and improved well known and approved high-pressure packers and accessories.

We instruct and inform our customers of safety precautions when using our products. Emphasis on safety is often a deep concern and a demand from some of our customers.

The factory is situated in Sunne, Sweden just 4 hours’ drive from Stockholm and 2½ hours’ from Oslo, Norway – quite central in our minds!


Rönnaväg 2, P.O. Box 21, 686 26 Sunne, Sweden
+46 565 12850