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Goltens is a shipping repair company with a wide network ensuring peace of mind for its customers. With many service locations around the world, our knowledge, expertise, and know-how are never far away from the customer at any given time.

Goltens is a leading provider of specialised repair, maintenance, reconditioning services, and engineering components to the global shipping industry, offshore and marine installations, industrial facilities, and power stations. Through extensive experience and high levels of expertise, Goltens has become the natural choice of our customers for in-situ grinding and machining of crankshafts.

The company was originally founded in New York in 1940 and came to Oslo somewhat later to meet the rising demand for repairs of diesel engines and related spare parts.

Goltens has over 70 years of experience in the production, reconditioning, and adaptation of fuel equipment.

Goltens Oslo

Diesel Engines
Repair and maintenance of diesel engines is the core of Golten’s service provision. Routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs of both main and auxiliary engines on ships is our speciality. We carry out overhauls of valve covers, grinding of valves, honing of cylinders / liners at our workshop or in-situ with the customer.

Green Technology
Goltens offers engineering, production, and installation of green technology for ships and offshore installations by using 3D scanning.

In-situ Service
Goltens service team has extensive experience and in depth expertise in grinding, milling, or honing of all types of shafts and have mobile tools developed inhouse in order to carry this out in-situ with customers.

Casting and machining of white metal bearings is a niche field with only limited expertise available in Norway. Goltens Oslo has all the necessary facilities and equipment to carry out the necessary repairs and maintenance in this respect for the energy sector.

Mechanical workshop in Oslo
Goltens Oslo has a large and complete mechanical workshop in Oslo, located at Alnabru.

Areas of expertise:
Goltens OsloThe workshop is structured according to the following areas of expertise:
Steel and welding workshop
Engine overhauls
Fuel overhauls
Casting bearings

• Casting and machining of white metal bearings
• Inspection and repair of damaged engine parts
• Turning, milling
• Nitriding
• Welding and steel section

Goltens Oslo

Goltens Oslo AS
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