GP Pharm is Spanish biopharmaceutical company which has been founded in 2000 and with its headquarter located in L´Hopitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. The company is specialized in products for injection within the fields of Oncology and Urology using technological platforms based on Microspheres and Liposomes. The company is working in the complete development of these drugs starting from R&D, (pre)clinical studies registration until the launch to the market. GP Pharm is commercially internationally orientated supplying its products either through owned net sales forces or through strong alliances with partners. In 2010 the company doubled its turn-over and reached 15 million Euros in 2013. Currently the company has 92 employees of which more than half have a university degree, either a Bachelor, Master or PhD.


The activities of the company are concentrated in 4 different areas, i.e. R&D, Contract Manufacturing, Licensing In & Out and Commercialization. As mentioned before, GP Pharm develops and manufactures drug delivery formulations for its own and for third parties. The main therapeutic areas of interest for GP Pharm are oncology and urology. However, GP Pharm is not limited to these areas and is able to work with a variety of products for other areas if requested by a client.

To expand its international presence, GP Pharm would like to collaborate with well established pharmaceutical companies, in order to promote and distribute its portfolio products with licensing and supply agreements. Furthermore, GP Pharm is looking for potential partners to co-develop its clinical projects in advanced stages. For the commercialization of its products GP Pharm built up its own commercial structure in Spain and currently is expanding subsidiaries in South America. GP Pharm´s commercial wide strategy is based on licensing, joint venture and distribution agreements.


The production facilities of GP Pharm in Sant Quintí de Mediona (around 40 km outside of Barcelona) are GMP approved by the EMA (European), TGA (Australian) and PMDA (Japanese) authorities. Recently the installations have also been successfully certified by the authorities in Canada, Turkey and the Gulf Countries. Currently, GP Pharm is in the process to obtain FDA certification. GP Pharm can produce injectable products under sterile conditions in vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes in liquid or freeze dried formulations.


As a first example of its own R&D program, a new depot formulation of Leuprorelin Acetate was developed. This new formulation of Leuprorelin Acetate is based on new technological platform of microspheres, developed and patented by GP Pharm. With this new formulation a more sustained release of the Leuprorelin Acetate was achieved resulting in an excellent efficacy and a very favorable AE pattern.
The product has been developed in three formulations, i.e. Lutrate® Depot 3.75mg (already registered in 23 EU countries), Lutrate® Depot 22.5mg (under registration in 23 EU countries) and Lutrate® Depot 45.0mg (entering into clinical development) for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer.


In addition to Lutrate® Depot, GP Pharm is developing new depot formulations of for example Octreotide and Doxorubicin.
Besides its portfolio of innovative products, GP Pharm is developing a number of added value generics, such as Octreotide (Sandostatine – Novartis), Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (Doxil/Caelyx – J&J) or Triptoreline (Decapeptil – Ipsen).
Lastly, GP Pharm has developed and is commercializing a number of “simple” generics, such as Irinotecan, Oxaliplatin, Gemcitabine and Somatoline.


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