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Greenlane Biogas

Renewable fuel – Locally produced and locally used

Greenlane Biogas is the leading global technology supplier of upgrading biogas to renewable vehicle fuel (biomethane). Greenlane Biogas plays a key role in the development of standardised units that require only water as the cleaning agent to upgrade biogas to renewable vehicle fuel. This simplicity, combined with system standardisation over time, has enabled the possibility for even small and mid-size municipalities and farmers to economically produce renewable vehicle gas.

Sweden is the leading country of upgrading biogas to be used as vehicle fuel. The picture to the left shows a smaller containerised unit from Greenlane Biogas which was installed in the city of Katrineholm. Katrineholm is a small to mid-sized town with a population of 32.000 people. The raw biogas is produced from their waste water treatment plant and can supply renewable vehicle fuel locally to meet the needs of an estimated 165 vehicles. Katrineholm has a second larger Greenlane plant that also produces renewable vehicle fuel, For this installation, the biogas is generated from agricultural waste through a cooperation of farmers and the biogas produced can supply the fuel for more than 3.300 vehicles.

Greenlane BiogasGreenlane Totara
Industrial large scale production of renewable energy.

Greenlane Biogas has delivered the upgrading technology to the world’s largest biogas upgrading plant of its kind in Güstrow, Germany. The upgraded biogas produced at Güstrow is used to displace natural gas. The biogas is produced from digesters fed with corn and silage from farmers and the upgraded biogas produced is equivalent to 40 million litres of petrol per year.

Greenlane Biogas

Greenlane Biogas has also delivered upgrading technology to Swedish Biogas International, which is one of Sweden’s leading biogas companies. Swedish Biogas International delivers complete solutions for biogas production, upgrading and filling stations and they also own and run biogas production facilities. The picture above shows one of the world’s first biogas plants that produce both Compressed Biogas (CBG) and Liquefied Biogas (LBG) from industrial organic waste. This biogas plant is capable of producing green vehiclefuel that could satisfy the needs of more than 11 000 vehicles. A beneficial byproduct of 50 000 tonnes of biofertilizer is also produced each year.

About Greenlane Biogas and the Flotech Group
Greenlane Biogas is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Flotech Group and is the leading worldwide developer and supplier of biogas upgrading technology. With more than 20 years of global experience upgrading biogas, Greenlane has delivered over 60 biogas upgrading units in Europe, North America and Asia.

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