GU Holding AB

GU Holding is a Gothenburg based holding company wholly owned by the Swedish Government. The company’s overall objective is to create growth and improve the world we live in by commercializing the cutting edge research performed at the University. The company builds, finances, develops and sells new businesses with high growth commercial potential founded on the basis of research and know-how from the University of Gothenburg and its affiliations. It is one of the strongest incubators in Sweden and is participating in the national incubator program with many other incubators for sharing experiences and best practice.

GU Holding invests seed capital together with the founders, as well as recruit new investors to the start-ups. We take an active part in the business development to ensure that technology, know-how and IPR are appropriately protected and to recruit a suitable team to drive the business. We empower the selling processes by working closely with potential customers to develop the invention into a minimum viable product or service – or grant licenses, and establish relationships with both future customers and investors. We offer individuals within the portfolio tailored training in professional sales, business development and many other areas to help them develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of the business and improve their business acumen. We also offer office facilities, IT solutions and administration services, and access to our network of IP consultants, accountants, lawyers, marketing and communication agencies and other support organizations. The incubation, which is a certified and structured development process, is focused on value creation in the starting phases and on securing and flourishing the business potential of each idea.

GU Holding has a constant flow of new ideas from researchers. We also work together with the internal Innovation Office at the University to identify research that may come to use and that have com¬mercial potential. We also support researchers by verifying their ideas concerning its business potential and customer need, IP and commercial risks, etc. All new proposals go through GU Holding’s due diligence processes after that, which ensure that GU Holding owns solid companies and constantly expands and becomes stronger.

Facts and figures

• 118 new ideas have been financed and launched
• 77 of them are operational today, of which 47 are
owned by GU Holding and 30 have been sold to
other owners – the rest have been closed
• Over 350 people have been employed
• SEK 320 million in revenue generated annually
• SEK 740 million attracted in external investments

The foremost goal of GU Holding is to generate new businesses and make good long-term investments that result in profitable businesses and benefit our society. We offer these globally unique businesses with high-growth potential to investors and buyers in the industry.

Our mission is to invest at an early stage when no one else is usually willing to invest due to the high risk associated with early stage investments. We also aim to exit earlier than most investors to enable us to constantly reinvest our capital in new ideas. We often help our co-investors to secure a good return on their investment at same time as we exit.

To date, the products and services offered by our start-ups have made people´s lives healthier and happier. This has contributed to our region’s renewal, improving growth and healthier economy by enhancing the competitiveness of the region.

GU Holding AB
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