H. Henriksen AS



H. Henriksen AS is a supplier and producer of equipment to defense- and maritime users and industry all over the world. The company has delivered for more than 150 years from its premises in Tønsberg, south of Oslo, and is fully owned by the family Henriksen. The company delivers solutions and equipment within 4 main areas.

REBS is short for “Rapid Entering and Boarding Systems”. This is used for boarding and entering operations by police and military over the world. REBS offers a complete range of equipment designed to withstand the roughest marine conditions and is specially designed to be submergible.

Henriksen HOOKS is delivered to workboats for the last 25 years. The offload HOOKS are well known for its reliability and high safety. Many major users has standardized its workboats and FRC’s with our HOOKS and we are continually improving and adapting our systems to new and more demanding operations.

Spillrecs is our oil spill division. Over the past years we have developed and delivered oil-skimmers and sea-shore cleaning equipment, especially designed for the cold and rough climate along the Norwegian coastline.

Maritime is our project division where we develop and deliver customized equipment as Launch and recovery systems to Kongsberg Maritime and others. The company has skilled designers and workers working with advanced materials as Titanium, carbon, aluminum and systems including electronics and hydraulics. The company has ability for construction, machining, welding, assembly and testing.

President, Henrich N. Henriksen, +47 917 74 669
CEO, Trygve Egenes, +47 906 49 557

Trælleborgveien 15, NO-3104 Tønsberg