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Hamn & StuveriskolanDock work is sometimes called the second oldest profession in the world. Dock work has existed for as long as there has been an exchange of goods between people and countries.

Whether goods are exchanged, sold or purchased, they need to be transported and one of the most economical and environmentally friendly methods is sea transport. Dock work has changed over the years, keeping upwith technical developments.

Before this technical development, dockworkers were forced to carry and drag just about all the goods to and from the ship. The injuries that the workers suffered were just something ”that happened”. There were always other people that could be taken on if someone was injured and no special training was required, the workers just needed to be big and strong and have plenty of stamina. This approach disappeared a long time ago. All parameters that can be rewritten as kronor and öre must be included for the company and its employees to be competitive. Year round operation and shift work ensure that the customers are given good service. Optimal use of employees and machines put huge demands on the competence and flexibility of the employees. Service and maintenance of the machines, buildings and terminals involve constant investments costing huge sums of money. Education and further education are prerequisites for retaining a high level of competence and as low maintenance costs as possible. Hamn & Stuveriskolan can help you with this. Dock work is now high-tech and logistics have huge significance on results.

Hamn & Stuveriskolan started in 1998 and has so far arranged training courses for almost 4 500 participants (approx. 7 200 days of study). From 2002 it has been possible to train the personnel at their hometowns thus avoiding travelling long distances, overnight accommodation and certain costs. This has been made possible through the module system. The school’s steering committee has decided that the module system shall consist of those subjects that were included in the school’s original timetable.

General courses
Hamn & Stuveriskolan’s module system means that individual courses can be carried out both locally and regionally for one or more stevedoring companies.

The latest example is a training course using simulators and eLearning. Training courses normally take place on site with TYA certified instructor.


  • Economics, basic
  • Computing, basic
  • Cargo securing incl. stuffing and stripping, 24 hours excl. work experience
  • Signalman training, 8 hours
  • Knowledge of material and quality
  • Truck category B licence, 40 hours
  • Working environment, basic, 1 – 2 days
  • Dangerous goods, 24 hours
  • ISPS Maritime security, 16 hours


  • Data tally
  • Team training
  • Economics, advanced
  • Computing, advanced
  • Environmental training
  • Transport techniques A/B and logistics
  • Fork lift truck < 10tons
  • Terminal tractor
  • Wheel-loader
  • Working environment, advanced. PAM
  • Fire training, first aid, 8 hours HLR, 4 – 8 hours


  • Supplementary course, terminal tractor, 8- 24 hours
  • Supplementary course, top lift and reach stacker, 8 hours
  • Container control
  • Container inspection, 8 hours
  • Instructor course (machine), 56 hours
  • Straddle truck
  • Transtainer
  • Container crane, 6 – 7 weeks
  • Portal crane, ship crane
  • Knuckle boom crane, mobile cranes, 24 hours (depending on competence)
  • Rapid reaction course, 2 days
  • HLR, instructor course, 8 hours
  • Ergonomics and keep-fit
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