Scandinavian Resources AB and Kiruna Iron AB


Scandinavian Resources AB Kiruna Iron ABHannans Reward Ltd was started in Australia in 2002. The Swedish subsidiaries Scandinavian Resources AB and Kiruna Iron AB have offices in Malå and Kiruna. Hannans Reward Ltd is listed on the Australia Securities Exchange under the code ASX:HNR.

The aim of Scandinavian Resources and Kiruna Iron Our focus, in the first instance, is to identify economic deposits of minerals through the implementation of exploration activities. Scandinavian Resources focus on gold and base metals (copper-lead-zinc) while Kiruna Iron focuses on iron.

Scandinavian Resources AB Kiruna Iron AB


We identified the Kiruna District as a highly mineralised district based on historical data, the long mining history and considered excellent potential for additional discoveries due to the lack of modern exploration activities.

The Kiruna District is Europe’s #1 iron ore district area, iron ore has been mined in Kiruna for 100 years and one of the world’s leading high tech minerals businesses is based on mining in the Kiruna District. It is therefore a natural place to expect exploration activities to continue for at least the next 100 years.

The importance of exploration and mining
Everything we use on a daily base comes from the mining of minerals somewhere in the world, unless it has been grown. Have a look around you and ask yourself, “has it been grown or has it been mined?”

We are very conscious of our impact on the land area and seek to make the least amount of disturbance as is possible. For example we often use pre-existing tracks and helicopters for access, we seek to minimise damage to natural vegetation, we avoid being in areas frequented by reindeer at different times of the year and we often complete winter drilling to minimise disturbance. After we finish activities we clean up, restore the drill pads to as close to original condition as possible and remove all rubbish.

Open and truthful communication
We have meetings with different stakeholders in Sweden and Norway in order to communicate our plans before they occur and take into their requirements to ensure minimal disruption to their daily activities. Our Team is professional and ethical and goes beyond the requirements of the relevant legislation to communicate openly.

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