Hasslö Varv AB

Hasslö_Varv_AB1Hasslö Varv AB  was founded in 1927 and is currently owned and run as a fourth generation company together with the parent company Öckeröborgen. The business is now run on two locations, Saltö in Karlskrona harbor, and on Hasslö, a beautiful island in the Karlskrona archipelago 

During the recent years Hasslö Varv has renovated and customized the shipyard’s production facilities and shipyard area. Larger investments such as quays and a more modern dry docking are in place. We are currently planning for a new office and project area.
The business has also changed in terms of organization and the environment and quality have been secured. We are extremely satisfied, which gives us a good base for the future, when we will make more efforts to look after our environment.
We currently employ about 30 people and feel very confident about the future.
The shipyard specializes in service, repairs and alterations of ships weighing up to 500 tons.


Business activities

Our main business activities are currently: 

• Electronics
• Carpentry
• Surface treatment
• Sheet metal work and welding
• Hydraulics and plumbing
• Motor
• Service team- service car
• Tele / Naut.
• Storage: 800-m2 indoor hall with dehumidification system.
• Hull hall: heated hall with a slipway and a lifting capacity of 5 tons
• All business activities are run at our own customized facilities

We now have all categories/occupational groups at
the shipyard with our own personnel and sell about
30 000 – 33 000 working hours per year.


Hamnvägen 2, SE-370 23 Hasslö
+46 455 34 17 00
+46 455 33 25 05