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“Global High Throughput Screening (HTS) Market to Reach $19.9 Billion by 2017”, Announces Global Industry Analysts.


The Golden Opportunities

HDXperts1As the outsourcing of drug development escalates, Big Pharma is retreating from disease areas now being filled by SMEs. As smaller actors have few resources to perform all steps of drug development in-house, there is a growing market for outsourced service analysis. We are the next global leaders in this arena.

Governments have increased research funding, leading to drug development and the creation of new companies seeded from within academia. With the calibre of research at Karolinska Institutet, our proximity to KI plays an important role within our strategy.

The FDA is compelling the biosimilar manufacturers to provide structural data proving their similarity to the original protein. Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX MS) is the FDA-preferred method of such confirmation. To date, not a single commercial company globally delivers this analysis.

The Challenge

Ligand screening and structural characterization of drug targets are the cornerstones in drug development. These steps represent a significant bottleneck for SMEs, as these tools are often inaccessible. Current methods require a multitude of techniques for ligand screening and binding site characterization. We will provide a single analytical platform to perform both analyses, using label-free techniques that are rapid and cost-efficient.

Our Solution

• Patented platform for HDX MS, providing label-free drug screening and crystal-free protein-structural services, using a single analytical platform.

• A novel (patent pending) High-Throughput Site-specific Binding Screening Platform. Our unique, cost-efficient analytical service will facilitate the generation of valuable data for IP protection and improved target validation/ optimization.

• For structural characterization of biosimilars, we will provide GLP-based, NIST-certified, competitively priced analysis.

• HDXperts´s Analytical Platform is information-rich and more specific than any other HTS-platform.

• Orthogonal screening is mandatory in pharmaceutical discovery and development.

• HT-HDX-MS is complementary to all widely used high-throughput screening methods.

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