Height Specialists



Established in 1995, Height Specialists is a specialist company that provides rope access maintenance, modifications and inspection for on and offshore inspection and maintenance services. Its clients operate in various industrial sectors. The business was started as a one-man venture but today operates as fully qualified IRATA, ISO 9001 and VCA-P company with over 75 employees working worldwide.

Rope access is a method for working at heights utilising ropes, climbing harnesses and other materials to enable access to working locations in difficult and inaccessible situations. It is a method of access that has been tried and tested for over 20 years. As an alternative or complementary use against conventional systems like scaffolding, suspension bridge constructions and lifting platforms, the techniques and materials have been specifically developed for use in a number of industrial applications. Today these applications include high-rise construction, bridges, shafts, masts and towers, atriums, monuments, construction halls and wind turbines.

Prior, Height Specialists was mainly focused on operations within the Netherlands, however as it continues to grow the company is increasingly targeting global projects within the marine, offshore, process and petrochemical sectors. Within the oil and gas market these include projects in Scandinavia and offshore in Dutch, German and UK waters. The company’s focus now is to continue this growth and extend its range within the wind energy market.

Height Specialists is an innovative and dynamic organisation that offers a quick and professional response to its clients’ questions. Safety is always first priority and as such, each project will endure a risk analysis and methodic planning before execution. Height Specialists only works with fully certified technicians, tools and materials. The company’s employees regularly undergo training at its official Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) training centre and attend Master-class courses in the use of specific tools, project management and social skills. The training courses are set up and delivered in accordance with international standards and each project is assigned its own supervisor to guarantee the security and quality of the operations. This market-leading level of expertise coupled with the company’s ability to rapidly respond to the requests of its clients makes Height Specialists an attractive option in rope access solutions.

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