Hellenic Cables SA


Hellenic_Cables2The Cablel ® Hellenic Cables Group represents the cable production and marketing segment of Viohalco SA, and is one of the largest cable manufacturers in Europe, exporting to more than 50 countries. The Group’s production base comprises six plants in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. It operates as a manufacturer of underground and submarine power cables from low voltage up to extra-high voltage, and as a manufacturer of special cables and enamelled wires for applications in various industries, while also undertaking the completion of turnkey power transmission and distribution projects. Hellenic Cables Group has also strongly emerged in the telecommunications industry as a manufacturer of telecommunication cables, including optical fibre cables for underground, aerial and submarine use. The Group recently implemented a EUR 65 million approx. investment plan for the manufacture of high-voltage and extra high-voltage submarine cables at Fulgor’s plant. Looking ahead, additional investments in technology and innovative cable solutions are planned, as a way of contributing to the creation of a sustainable future for its stakeholders.


33 Amarousiou-Halandriou Str.,151 25 Maroussi, Athens, Greece
+30 210 6787 416