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For more than a thousand years, the west coast of Norway has been populated by brave people with a strong enthusiasm for travel. The long coastline bordering the North Sea made it possible conveniently to reach new destinations and new continents. Exploring and trading were the main reasons for these early expeditions. The Vikings, and later on the Dutch businessmen and Hanseatics are examples of innovative people who achieved considerable success because of their skills in ship construction and navigation.


In modern times, as ordinary people also started travelling, airlines introduced flights to all over the world. A new industry was born. Located in Bergen, IMTG Holberg Travel was established in 1980 and has for more than 30 years been one of the leading privately owned Travel Management Companies on the west coast of Norway.

Our customer base is mainly made up of companies in the maritime and oil-related industry. This is a sector in which special requirements are common, especially with regard to crew and contractor travel. We are familiar with the needs of this industry, and through special agreements with airlines and our global alliance partner IMTG (International Maritime Travel Group, www.imtg.net) we can offer excellent terms and conditions.

High-quality, personal follow-up is considered imperative. We do our utmost to ensure that the customer’s travel experiences are as positive as possible.

HOLBERG TRAVEL – your partner when you need to travel…..

Holberg2• 34 years’ experience in travel for maritime and oil-related industry
• familiar with the needs and the requirements with regard to crew/contractor travel
• specialists in crewing
• time and cost efficient
• high competence, long experience and high quality
• competitive terms and conditions
• tailored travel plans also for group travel, unique experiences and team events abroad
• international partners – IMTG – International Marine Travel Group
• 24/7 emergency service

Holberg Travel AS
P.O.Box 1904, NO-5817 Bergen
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