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Promotional films for companies – the next generation of branding is already here!

HORN Productions produces top quality promotional films for companies. Small, medium or high budget, we will tailor a script suited your company needs and goals and produce a film you can use as a direct marketing tool, an introduction to your website or even use as a TV or Cinema commercial.

View example films from HORN Productions here:
Showreel – password: hornvimeo.com/90360354

This is why you want a professional corporate film;
– Easier understanding of your service and/or product
– Immediate response from potential clients/customers/visitors
– Increases positive attention
– Helps sell your product or service more efficiently
– Makes you stand out in the crowd compared to your competition
– Increases the company’s ability to attract new employees and helps build team spirit
– Multilevel use; facebook, youtube, website, newsletters, google+ page, email introduction to potential clients, job advertisements and recruiting processes, TV, local-TV, cinema and more; the use of a promotional film is near endless and will boost your company’s short and long term goals – whatever they are!

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Patrick Harlem
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