HTS maskinteknikk AS

HTS Maskinteknikk works closely with customers in demanding sectors like the subsea, defence and aerospace as a mechanics subcontractor and partner. Parts from their production have found their way to the deepest subsea installations as well as to satellites bound for outer space. HTS Maskinteknikk, based in Drammen in the heart of the “Subsea Valley” and close to the technological environment in Kongsberg, supplies customers all around the world. Currently approximately 50% of the production is directly exported.
HTS maskinteknikk specializes in high precision turning, milling and sophisticated welding related to our turning and assembly production. The impressive range of machines is among the most modern and extensive in Norway. More than fifty (CNC) numerical machines, many of them customized for one or a few products, reflect a clear and targeted strategy. The company has always been willing to engage its resources in prototype production, but with its extensive range of machines and skilled people the company balances it with a constant flow of serial work at the same time.
The control department is also well suited to perform inspection with a total of 3 CMM numerical measuring machines. Even calibration is performed in-house.
The importance of quality welding has been increasingly emphasized in recent years, and HTS maskinteknikk has definitely been at the forefront when it comes to investing in advanced welding equipment. The company’s welding is performed under laboratory-like conditions where we see close to 0-defect capability in the welding process.
HTS has an extensive range of welding qualifications for various material-combinations utilized for the subsea industry.Premises
With over 6,200 square metres featuring operatorfriendly working conditions, all processes are managed in-house, even NDT and pressure-testing, in order to achieve cost-effective and efficient logistics, and a maximum of flexibility to support their customers’ needs.
P.O. Box 1624, NO-3007 Drammen
+47 32 23 46 50