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Huisman offers complete drilling packages and is dedicated to explore and realise new solutions to improve drilling operations. Our in-house capabilities for concept development allow us to provide solutions in which vessel and equipment are fully integrated, leading to radically different concepts for drilling units.

After the delivery of the two Globetrotters, Huisman further developed the concept. This resulted in the HuisDrill 12000. The HuisDrill 12000, with Huisman’s DMPT technology and unique construction methodologies, exceeds many capabilities of competing drill ship concepts. Major oil companies and drilling contractors were consulted to incorporate solutions in the design, which will solve many of their common challenges and operational issues, providing a step change in efficiency. With their input, the design of the drilling package, the functionality thereof and the material flows on board is optimised.

The Huisman approach results in several functional and operational advantages. The vessel has a large functional work deck forward and aft of the tower that is flush with the drill floor. All ventilation, mooring, access ladders, mob-boats are below this work deck. The vessel is equipped with 150 ft. risers minimizing the time for running risers. Aft of the tower is a unique hingable construction deck allows running of large subsea components as one piece. The tower is lengthened and can handle 180ft stands (instead of 90ft or 135ft stands traditionally). This results in a higher tripping speed and less connections during drilling (thus less starting and stopping of the pumps resulting in improved wellbore stability). The drilling unit is optimized as a whole. The design of the drilling package, the functionality thereof and the material flows on board is the top priority.

Further, the drill floor is now truly flush with the work deck enabling easy and safe transport of items and people to and from the drill floor and construction floor without any stairs. All fixed mounted equipment and rental equipment (such as: cement unit, ROVs, cuttings handling etc.) are located below the work deck. Also, all marine equipment (mooring gear, ventilation houses, loading stations, burner boom) are located under the work deck, providing true open and available deck space. Since almost all machinery is mounted in a protected environment, maintenance is largely reduced.


With this concept, the vessel is capable of storing two large BOPs (up to 8 ram 20k 18-3/4” stacks) and a number of X-mas trees. She further can store and run 150ft riser joints speeding up the riser running process dramatically. In total 4,000m of risers can be stored allowing the vessel to operate in ‘eXtreme Deep Waters’ (XDW).

The travelling block is redesigned. The elevator, or pipe clamp, is no longer suspended on the topdrive but has its own suspension directly on the travelling block. In this way the topdrive is no longer in the heavy load path during lowering of very heavy strings. The topdrive can be less complex as it no longer needs to have pipe handling functions. This reduces the risk of dropped objects. Further, the topdrive can be removed and maintained during tripping. Also multiple pipe clamps can be stored underneath the topdrive allowing fast change overs from CSG to drill pipe or vice versa.

The drilling system incorporates a new type of rotary table. The hang off table/power slip has a U-shape and can skid away from the drill string while the string is suspended in the well center by the travelling block. The power slip can handle pipes up to 3.0 million lbs, from 3-1/2” up to 9-1/2” without changing inserts and can open up to 21”. When skidding away a very large opening is created and thus large centralizers and other large objects can be lowered through without the need to remove bushings and adaptor rings. Conventionally, bushings and adaptor rings are removed by the drill crew with help of tuggers, leading to potentially dangerous situations. A second table can be setup for casing, allowing very fast change-overs from drill pipe to casing or casing to drill pipe.

Two identical high capacity moonpool skid carts are installed in the moonpool area. Because of the recesses in the forward and aft moonpool wall the skid carts can skid with a string suspended beyond the drilling side and construction side, allowing hanging off strings at four locations, providing unprecedented functionality and capacity.

To enable MPD, DGD and Closed Loop drilling Huisman developed the Heave Compensated Floor. The heave compensated floor is a vertically movable floor which is guided by the travelling block rails and connected to the same heave compensators as the travelling block.

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