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Value in Partnerships
– the core of our business

It is through partnerships that we create value. As one of the world largest family owned hydraulic companies HYDAC builds on a strong portfolio of partners within many industries. We seek collaboration that complements us to live out our mission: to create value through designing, producing and distributing high quality products and systems that improve competitiveness and sustainability for our customers. We have a long history of strong partnerships with our customers, and our ambition is to maintain position as preferred supplier to world leading companies within relevant industries.

Hydraulic is all about power, and we strive to contribute to power production for all our customers. We support power production within all areas of industrial and mobile hydraulics. HYDAC solutions cool and lubricate gears in wind turbines, work in the tensioning hydraulics of modern machine tools, cushion the cabs on agricultural machinery, support the working hydraulics of excavators, and inspect and test the loading capacity of wings on the Airbus A 380. Doing this we draw upon input from our portfolio of strong suppliers that enable us to meet the demands from our customers.

In the center of the HYDAC business model is a clear value offer – to provide the best possible solutions to our customers supporting their business. For more than 50 years HYDAC has provided the market with innovative solutions including a broad program of high quality components. Our business model offers strong R&D resources, optimized serial production, configurable solutions and an experienced and qualified service team.

We welcome all new partners to our business – customers as well as suppliers, and we look forward to create value together!

Hydac A/S
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