i-TEC is an independent oilfield service company focused on specialized completion and intervention solutions. Since 2006 i-TEC engineers have been developing tools which challenges the conventional industry standards. Globally i-TEC has expanded and strengthened the organization considerably. Headquartered in Norway and with offices in the US and Canada i-TEC is well equipped to serve our customers worldwide and to meet the rapid growing demand for specialized well solutions. Where a specific tool does not exist, i-TEC has the flexibility, capability and attitude to develop products and solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

i-TEC is a niche supplier of tools, systems and engineering within the Completion and Intervention market. Bespoke systems based around the i-Valve family are complemented by a suite of intervention tools recognized as best in class. A range of innovative products provide operators with the building blocks to fine-tune completion functionality, particularly in multi-zone reservoirs.

i-TEC One of the most groundbreaking products is i-TEC’s i-Frac System. The i-Frac system is a cost and time efficient ball drop activated system for frac or acid stimulation. The i-Frac has a special design which allows the operator to install multiple frac valves per zone. The i-Frac system is available for open hole, cemented and screened applications which makes it unique. The system is already well proven in the North Sea carbonate as well as in the US shale market, and is a replacement for the conventional plug and perforation for multi-stage frac approach. Because the system requires no explosives, the HSE risks are reduced.

i-TEC has already delivered and installed over a 1000 sleeves, and we are certain that the use of ball drop activated systems will result in continued growth in run rates, less down time and more production.

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