Ideon Science Park

Ideon Science Park is like a life-giving lung for the whole of the expansive, north-eastern area of Lund. With the University, the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Management and Economics and Medicon Village in its immediate vicinity, Ideon Science Park is the obvious meeting place.

Ideon is the ideal environment for companies wanting to grow their business. A place where people can improve and develop their own ideas as well as others’. A place where anything is possible. There are four different incubator programs running with approximately 80 start-up companies besides accelerator programs for training and stimulating companies to grow faster than their competitors.

As Scandinavia’s leading site for open innovation, Ideon has a 30-year history with many of our country’s leading innovative life science companies having started here like Cellavision, Camurus, Bioinvent and Probi.

Very successful ICT companies like Axis Communications, Qlikview and Sony Mobile are companies that have grown out from Ideons premises over the past decade. In total more than 11 000 jobs in 800 companies in the high tech industry have been created since the start 1983.

At present, Ideon has 120,000 square metres of office space and laboratories and about 350 companies operate here, employing more than 2,700 people. Ideon is run by Lund University, Lund Municipality and Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB.

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Ideon Science Park
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