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IHC Engineering Business (EB), part of the Dutch shipbuilding group IHC Merwede, is a world leading designer, manufacturer and developer of offshore and seabed equipment. EB provides these services to the offshore oil and gas, defence, submarine telecom and renewable offshore power generating industries and has grown into a dynamic company employing over 190 people.

Typical projects include pipelay equipment, trenching machines and handling systems, with EB’s scope of supply ranging from engineering design, modifications or upgrades to complete turnkey, integrated ship systems.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and workshop facilities with quayside access, EB can rapidly supply innovative and successful tailor-made engineering solutions.

Lay Systems
EB is a leading supplier of tailor-made, high specification lay systems including J-Lay, S-Lay, Reel-Lay and Flexlay. EB’s approach to engineering and its in-house mechanical, structural and control system design expertise enable it to deliver lay systems that offer maximum operability and functionality, and tower structures optimised for low system weight, whilst ensuring safe and reliable operations at all times.

EB designs and builds offshore carousels for the spooling and storage of power cables, umbilical’s, rigid and flexible products. Incorporating innovative features, these handling solutions are tailor-made to suit client’s individual requirements and have ranged from a 900t basket carousel to a 7000t carousel system. These have excellent track records of the safe, reliable and rapid installation of products.

Subsea Trenching
EB has an extensive track record, underpinned by over 10 years of success, in the supply of trenching machines to the subsea burial industry. The Sea Stallion cable plough range has set new standards in submarine cable installation and protection. The share design has a proven ability to allow superior cable burial in a wide range of sea conditions, whilst minimising residual tension in the installed cable.

Over the last 25 years, EB engineers have also developed a wide range of pipeline ploughs and backfill ploughs to allow the burial of pipelines in a wide range of seabed conditions.

EB has developed and delivered a number of self-propelled tracked trenching machines featuring both surface-fed and vehicle-based control systems. These machines are used in a variety of applications from hard ground oil and gas pipeline installations to offshore wind inter-array cable burial.

Launch, Recovery and Handling Systems
EB engineers have been designing and building launch, recovery and handling systems for over 30 years, supplying high quality handling systems to customers worldwide. The systems have then been used to handle a wide range of equipment from ROVs and cable ploughs to massive Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM) and Pipeline End Terminations (PLET).

All EB systems are designed to maximise productivity, provide a long and reliable service life and minimise through life operational costs by careful design and high quality construction.

Special Projects
EB provide a small team who are dedicated to bespoke and quick turnaround projects with high engineering content.
Work undertaken by Special Projects includes:

  • Design and build of equipment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detail Design and Modelling
  • Engineering consultancy

Life Cycle Support
EB understands the importance of working with clients after equipment is handed over to them. Good maintenance can extend product life considerably, with down time often being extremely costly.

EB therefore offers all products with a recommended spares package, and can also source replacement or spare parts as and when required during the operational life of a system, through to complete upgrades. EB offers a 24 hour support line 365 days of the year to co-ordinate a rapid and appropriate response to its clients’ needs. Customers can be assured that EB equipment is fully supported whenever and wherever it is operational.

Port of Tyne
EB has invested heavily in expanding its production and support facilities. The site at Riverside Quay, Port of Tyne, close to the mouth of the river, is able to accommodate assembly, testing, commissioning, installation and loadout of several major projects simultaneously. This facility is a further commitment by EB to offer its customers a full range of services from concept design, right through the operational life of equipment and vessels.

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