IKM Testing AS


IKM Testing is a company within the IKM Group and a multidiscipline supplier to the International Oil & Gas Industry. IKM Testing was established in 1992 and is today a global supplier within Mechanical Completion and Commissioning services both to the onshore and the offshore industry.

High Quality Solutions
Through close collaboration with our clients and joint tenders IKM is continuously growing and developing, and we endeavor to deliver cost effective, high quality solutions to our customers. Our ambition is that all of our clients will choose IKM as their preferred supplier, and the priority area is growth. Training & Competency Centre IKM Testing has experienced and multi-skilled
personnel with high documented competence. To reinforce our expertise we have established our own training and competency centre, which is a very useful facility both for internal and external use.

IKM Resources
• Integrated services
• Multi-skilled personnel
• Fleet of modern and efficient equipment
• Flexible and mobile
• Strong experience
• Global presence

Subsea / Completion / Commissioning Services

Topside services
• Nitrogen Services (N2/He Leak Testing)
• Chemical Cleaning
• Oil Flushing / Oil Cleaning
• Video Inspection
• Bolt Working Services
• Flange Management Services
• Pressure and Vacuum Testing
• Hydro Jetting
• Preservation
• Air Treatment
• Flow Coding / Labeling
• Certification of Accumulators
• Maintenance of Heat Exchangers
• HVAC Cleaning
• Dry ice cleaning
• Pipe Freezing
• Vacuum Tank cleaning
• Cleaning of Slop Water (X-Clean)
• Cold Cutting
• Flange Facing
• Decommissioning
• LRA/NORM Handling

Subsea Services
• Pigging / Pipeline Services / RFO
• Umbilical Services
• Subsea spools Services
• Subsea template/manifolds services

Drilling services
• Cuttings Transport System (CTS)
• Mud Recovery Without Riser (MRR)
• Nitrogen Well displacement
• Scale Squeeze Inhibition pumping
• Acid Simulation Services

Rental services
• Pumps and Tanks
• Inspection equipment
• Bolt Working equipment
• Drying and Filter units
• Flanges and Plugs
• Air compressors
• Testing equipment
• Hydraulic hose reels
• Hot water cleaners

Training services
• Bolt tensioning (OLF118)
• Fittings and small bore systems (OLF120)
• Valves (OLF 119)
• Compact flanges
• Pressure testing
• Hot oil flushing
• Hydro Jetting


IKM Testing AS
Ljosheimvegen 12, NO-4051 Sola
+47 51 64 90 00
+47 51 64 90 01