ImaGene-iT AB

a company that performs full CRO imaging services for Academy and Industry customers.

ImaGene-iT provides imaging services to research and discovery in health-care, pharma- and biotechnology. Our deliverables range from the setup and performance of complex research projects to recommendations for product development.

We provide a panel of services for molecular detection and tissue analyses from histological to intracellular levels:
• Discovery assignments – Solutions with performance of experiments, imaging and data analysis, evaluation and report.
• Discovery projects – Supervision for experimental set-up, imaging and analysis.
• System Support – In-house support for optimized performance of advanced equipment.
• Education – Courses and training in optical microscopy, experimental and equipment, brightfield, fluorescence, live cell – super resolution imaging.

“To be able to provide the best results for customers we prefer to get in early in the process, providing strategies for the best performance of all steps leading to a successful imaging!”

The company was founded in 2005 (by Bo Holmqvist, ass. prof.) and has developed into a strong organization that can take on complete development or research projects.

Bo: “When I started I was mainly committed to support the Academy but also did projects for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. I think the fact that we combined academy and industry assignments made it possible to pursue new opportunities and obtain synergy effects.”

In 2012 ImaGene-iT was re-organized and expanded together with the cofounders Peter Ekström (prof.) and Anders Brinte (MSci tech.), establishing its headquarter at Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden.

Bo: “The creation of Medicon Village emerged as an excellent opportunity to develop the company. From molecule to microscope, and beyond – ImaGene-iT now provides a complete imaging service, from initial sample preparations, experimental set-up, image data collection and analysis, to reports.”

ImaGene-iT’s strong academic basis is reflected in more than 150 scientific publications and experiences from a variety of research fields ranging from cancer research to biology.

Peter: “We have always considered quality to be the key! Every step in experiments and analysis has to be secured.”

ImaGene-iT’s main expertise is in confocal, fluorescence and live cell imaging technologies. To provide imaging equipment adapted for the individual project, we also cooperate with microscope suppliers, and academic institutions.

Anders: “Development of computer imaging software has increased the possibilities to analyze image raw data. We have the skills to exploit that.”

Immunofluorescence with three different markers on a histological (paraffin) section of mammary gland tissue.
Immunohistochemical labeling of a cryosection of kidney tissue. Differential interference contrast microcopy reveals unlabeled cells.
ImaGene-iT sets up the project strategy, decides experimental methods, prepares the samples, performs the labeling, collects image data, and performs the analysis.

Our services include the following deliverables of combined experimental and imaging resources:
• Sample preparation – Cell culture for live and fixed samples, tissues for paraffin
   and frozen sections, whole mounts and for transmission electron microscopy.
• Histology and histopathology – Samples for brightfield microscopy
   – Histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.
• Fluorescence – Samples for epi- and confocal microscopy Immunofluorescence
   multilabelling and organelles.
• Image capturing – Data and Scientific analysis and Recommendations
• Courses – Basic and Advanced microscopy
• System support – Services to optimize customers’ use of imaging equipment.

With the headquarter at Medicon Village, ImaGene-iT is currently engaged in several important research projects and discovery assignments, for pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

Bo: “Our decision to establish our company at Medicon Village has proven to be right. We see increasing demands for our services in this region, and Medicon Village is a great environment to work and expand within.”

Peter: “We appreciate the possibility to share ideas and projects with our companion companies at Medicon Village. This interaction provides keys to our mutual success.”

Confocal microscopic image of a cultured muscle cell, with nuclear label (blue) and cytoskeletal label (red).
3D-rendering of a series of confocal microscopic images (z-stack) of a fish embryo, showing the spinal nerves.