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Imenco design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of systems and products such as Diving Systems, Helicopter Refuelling Systems, Ex Cameras, Lifting and Handling products, Subsea Cameras and Subsea Tools including Subsea Lights and Lasers. Customers benefi t from over thirty years’ experience in the industry, adding value and providing smart solutions. Imencos’ engineering team are specialized in the area of mechanics and electronics engineering and provide services for some of the worlds leading oil and drilling companies. Imenco is approved by Achilles and DNV, and our integrated management system is certifi ed according to NS-EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Imenco Fuel Dispenser UnitAVIAT ION
Imenco’s history goes back to 1979 and through the acquisition of Setec Contracting in 2005, Imenco gained 28 years of knowledge and experience within the aviation fuelling industry. Today, with more than 30 years of experience, Imenco is one of the leading companies in this fi eld and has set the standard for high quality, cost effi cient and customer orientated Aviation Fuelling Systems.

Norwegian Universal Technology (NUT) became a part of Imenco August 2008. NUT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pressure equipment for civilian and military use as well as for medical and scientifi c research work. We have a unique in-house capability to design and manufacture a range of products such as hyperbaric chamber systems and altitude training systems. A major part of our production is custom built products.

Imenco's famous ROV Shackle. Capacity 6.5Te to 150TeENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT
Engineering and Design specialize in mechanical and electrical development with a high focus on the challenging subsea environment. A strong team of over 20 highly experienced engineers consistently strive for design excellence and product eff ectiveness in line with the demanding environments Imenco and its products operate in.

Imenco have a large variety of subsea lifting and handling products. The Imenco Guidewire Anchors/Latches and Guidepost have been supplied since 1988 and as such have a dedicated place in  our hearts and business line. Since then, Imenco has been designing and devolving subsea products to meet the safety standard that has been established worldwide. The Imenco ROV Operated Shackle is widely known for its safe, functional and smart design, and is established as the industry standard for ROV Shackles globally.

Imenco supplies a wide range of products for ROV'sSUBSEA
Imenco has been in the subsea market for over 25 years, starting with Guidewire Systems, and have since then been building up experience and knowledge on subsea installations, operations and ROV equipment. We provide a wide range of subsea products, ranging from ROV cameras, lights and lasers and ROV tools, to lifting equipment and Guidewire Systems. Imenco endeavours to deliver exactly what the customer wants, often customized and tailored according to customer needs.

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