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IMG – International Marine Group has three strong brands: Isolamin, Momec and Premec. The products are well known in the marine industry all over the world. The broad range of wall and ceiling panels, doors and wet units for vessels and the offshore industry give the customers package solutions and package deliveries simplifying matters for all customers. All employees have long and wide experience of the customers´ requirements regarding the marine industry.

IMG Isolamin, Momec, PremecOver the past years the group has adapted to new and more stringent customer requirements, above all regarding a high level of service in terms of technical support, rapid, flexible action and quick efficient provision of information. With a strong balance sheet, IMG is now entering a phase of consolidation and planning for the future. It is the intention not merely to maintain a strong market position but also to strengthen it. This will be done in various ways to reach and hopefully exceed the goals.

Strategic acquisitions are not excluded if they increase the ability to meet the market´s requirements. IMG has a firm ambition to always be an innovative and reliable supplier of interiors for the world´s marine industry. The key concepts are tradition, quality, flexibility, reliability and last but not least service at a competitive level of cost

The Market
The IMG Group of Companies with the wholly owned daughter companies Isolamin, Momec and Premec, has it’s natural market within the segment of marine interiors. They have all been active in this very interesting market for decades. Their products have been recognized as the highest available by ship builders, platform builders, joiners, architects as well as crews and passengers as a trade marks for a safe, comfortable and attractive interior system.

IMG has always been the leader in developing the use of modern interior applications on a level exceeding the demands, rules and regulations. For most of the people in the business the expression “Isolamin panels” has become conceptual for the type of interior panels rather than the name of the product.

The demand for higher fire integrity, better sound reduction and more attractive appearance have raised at the same time as the demand for more environment friendly products and production methods have been in focus. All IMG Companies are fully aware of this and not only fulfills today’s levels of demand but are working constantly to improve them.

By the ownership of the three main actors in the field, all customers gain by getting a final, borderless function, free from costly and technically doubtful borders. The result is a functional unit, appreciated by the owners, builders and last but not least the end users, the passengers and crew.

The products have also got a land based market that is rapidly growing due to the fact that they are approved and accepted since decades by the demanding use at sea. Acoustic enclosures, sound barriers, wet units and lift doors are just examples of products and systems that have got the customers liking.

IMG International Marine Group Aktiebolag
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