Immuno Valley

Immuno Valley

Immuno Valley is a business driven public-private consortium of over forty scientific and business partners. Operating at the interface of human and animal health, Immuno Valley is the premier One Health consortium for recognizing science and business opportunities and combining R&D expertise in the field of infectious diseases.

Immuno Valley monitors trends in research & development and matches scientific findings with business and funding opportunities. The ultimate aim is to translate R&D expertise into new products for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Consortium partners

Immuno Valley partners combine their research & development expertise for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human and animal related infectious diseases. New diagnostic tools, vaccines, immuno-modulatory products, and therapeutics are being developed.
Partners benefit from:

• Collaboration opportunities: academic and business partners find each other during matchmaking events or are approached 1 to 1. In case a new call opens or other funding opportunities arise, Immuno Valley partners interested in a certain topic are gathered for joint proposal writing or advise on how to proceed.

• Matchmaking: personal account contacts to discuss business opportunities and actualities resulting in customized advise and professional support in finding suitable partners and accessing new funds.

• Subsidy-alerts: Immuno Valley provides up-to date and personalized mailings about new funding opportunities.

• Immuno Valley Expertise Database: access to an online expertise database offering an overview of experts and their expertise in the field of infection and immunity in human and animals.

• Open communication channel: facilities to publish your scientific or business case on the Immuno Valley website.

• Event discounts: free or discounted tickets for Immuno Valley Annual Conference, theme related symposia and matchmaking events.

• Newsletter: news from consortium partners, new funding opportunities and scientific development within the field of immunology and One Health is spread in a monthly newsletter. To subscribe, visit the Immuno Valley website.

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3rd International One Health Congress

15-18 March 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The 3rd International One Health Congress brings science and policy together aiming at the early recognition and control of emerging (infectious) diseases, now and in the years to come.

Prevention at the source is key in controlling (infectious) diseases that have a growing impact on humans, animals and their ecosystems.

Immuno Valley is organizing partner to the congress, an example of collaboration between science and business on an international level. Read more about the conference program and register your attendance and upload your abstract at

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