Driving Precision

IMPETUS Afea is an expert company in mechanical, non-linear large-deformation analysis. Our competence
and activities are centered on our proprietary non-linear finite element code – IMPETUS Afea Solver®.


IMPETUS Afea is an expert company in computational mechanics. We develop IMPETUS Afea Solver, a non-linear explicit finite element tool.

Our goal is to deliver uncompromising simplicity, robustness and accuracy to the world of computational engineering.

We work closely with our customers to understand their processes and translate this knowledge into the very best numerical algorithms.

We provide modelling services to customers who license IMPETUS software. The customer owns the process, but we help setting up the optimum IMPETUS model. In projects, we work together with our customers to develop new IMPETUS functionality. Customers can have the simulation tool exactly as they need it.





IMPETUS Afea Solver® is a software that enables engineers to predict large deformation response of materials accurately. The software can be run on standard computers and allow for acceleration by GPUs.

Simulation using IMPETUS Afea Solver®: AP bullet impacting metal plate.
Simulation of fragmenting grenade showing high explosive gases.
Analysis of AP bullet impacting rigid wall.
Prediction of blast loading response using IMPETUS Afea Solver®. Experimental results (left) compared with numerical results (right).

Simulation of a full vehicle model subjected to loading from IED buried in sand.

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