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In Vitro asIn Vitro as contributes to promote research in Denmark by distributing a broad range of products for most of the leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and industrial research institutions.

In Vitro as is a 100% Danish owned company that offers the Danish laboratories a wide range of products within larger laboratory equipment, laboratory instruments, furniture, sera and media, and everything in consumables.

With more than 30 years of experience, In Vitro as has built and developed a strong network of established suppliers from around the world. We always select manufacturers who focus on quality and development, and consider the environment. This ensures our customer the best products with the latest technology.

At In Vitro as the customer is always in center of attention. With 11 employees, a large warehouse at the address in Fredensborg and our own lorry and chauffeurs to ensure the customer day to day delivery in the metropolitan area, we are always ready to provide the best service and support.

The goal of In Vitro as is to help the customer with the correct choice the first time. Our competent staff has many years of experience and works as the client’s professional sparring partner when the correct instruments and consumable items must be found for their research. To get the best knowledge of the client’s situation, to identify their needs and their finances all customers are visited regularly. Additionally the customer can get qualified advice by phone or email at any time.

In our webshop the customer can discover and search for products which all are illustrated and has detailed item descriptions. Furthermore the customer can view their order history, prices and eventually place an order.

An example of our service is in the area of cell culture where our supplier, Biological Industries, for more than 20 years, refines sera and our customers do batch testing. Afterwards we store the chosen batch in our controlled storage for delivery, whenever the customer needs it. Often we also make agreements for disposables to hold a desired buffer in stock for the customer. This is to ensure that valuable research time is not wasted. In Vitro as has long been a preferred supplier under the SKI agreement and thus delivered research and laboratory equipment to all institutions in the state. As SKI supplier In Vitro as meets all requirements of price, quality and environmental criteria.

In Vitro as cares about the environment. We want to be sustainable and comply with the aim of preventing pollution and environmental impact. Therefore In Vitro as prefer products from manufacturers that develop environmental safe products with an economic and social responsibility. Furthermore all our cars are green diesel cars, of course.

At In Vitro as quality means everything. The personal and professional quality rely on delivery of a properly adapted product with the right features at the agreed time and especially at the right price. This gives us satisfied customers, a better reputation and hence a more secure future. We are therefore proud that In Vitro as is a company with a team that meets these requirements.

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