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Indra Navia has an enviable position in the navigation market. The company’s NORMARC 7000 ILS has been an industry benchmark for more than 30 years, and provides precision guidance at nearly 1,000 airports around the world.

The company’s latest fourth-generation ILS is known
for its reliability and signal accuracy, with success at major international hubs as well as regional sites. The technology accounts for 90 per cent of China’s ILS installations, and nearly all purchases made in the Middle East over the last two years have opted for the NORMARC system.

“Indra Navia can justifiably say it is the world’s expert in landing aircraft”, says Eldar Hauge, Managing Director. “There is continuous process of bringing our product to new levels. Our discriminators are equipmment reliablity and support from the organisation. The requirement for support is not often, but when it happens we respond very quickly and we solve the problem.” Significantly, Indra Navia is already a leader in satellite-based systems, with the world’s first operational satellite landing system (SLS) in service with Norwegian customer Avinor since late 2007. “We intend to remain a leading navigation provider, and we continue to develop with the market,” explains Hauge. “When the market moves from ground-based to space-based we will carry our strong navigation name with us, unlike new players who are coming onboard now”.

Systems integration is fundamental to future growth
Indra Navia has delivered a number of systems integration projects, and is becoming more active in this market. With the NOVA 9000 Air Traffic Guidance and Control Systems, the company has led the development of surface movement guidance and control at airfields and supports approach, and area control operations. Many of the world’s busiest airports rely on NOVA technology to provide safe and efficient routing of air traffic.

The sound connection
Indra Navia’s GAREX 220 VCCS platform integrates radio and telephone resources used by air traffic controllers to communicate with aircraft and neighboring air traffic control centers.

The GAREX 220 VCCS is the core of the nationwide network in use by NATS in the UK and under delivery to LVNL in The Netherlands. The GAREX 220 VCCS communications platform has been adapted to address a wider set of users and provide a more standardised product. This will enable customers who require smaller systems to get the same functionality as the bigger installations, at a competitive price. There will be fewer configuration requirements and customers can start small and grow the system to suit their requirements.

Indra Navia AS

Indra Buys Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems

With the purchase of this internationally recognized company, Indra strengthens its
leading position in the air traffic and airport management systems market.

With roots going back to 1918 when Norsk Marconikompaniet was formed in Oslo, Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems was purchased by Indra in 2012 and re-named Indra Navia AS – a reflection of the company’s earlier indenity and name.

Indra Navia provides Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) solutions for the world’s airspace. It currently has an installed base encompassing 111 countries. A multi-national operation with facilities in Europe, the Mid East and Asia, the company is dedicated to implementing advanced air traffic control systems.

Throughout Indra Navia’s history the organisation has specialised in providing leading-edge systems to both aviation and other transport applications. Today Indra Navia dedicates itself completely to designing, manufacturing and installing groundbased systems for use in air traffic control and air defence applications.

Indra Navia knows that consistently high quality products and services are vital for its customers’ safety-critical operations. Our organisation and methods are designed to achieve high quality results and are certified to the international quality standard ISO9001.

Developing individual products is part of the process. Combining these equipments to form complete, turnkey CNS solutions requires extensive systems knowledge of the ATC environment. Indra Navia, as a company uniquely positioned in dedicating itself to the development of CNS systems for advancing safe flight, has many years’ experience in implementing complex Air Traffic Control systems throughout the world.

As part of the Air Traffic and Airports Management group in Indra, Indra Navia has access to the group’s broad expertise and range of products in the fields of Airspace Management, Flow Management, Aeronautical Information Management, ATM automation as well as the radar and multilateration products provide by Indra.

Indra Navia’s products and systems are in use at more than 1,000 installations in 111 countries on every continent.

The company’s GAREX Voice Communication Control System enables ground-air and ground-ground communications for air traffic control at installations ranging from small towers to nationwide networks. The NORMARC family of navaids is recognized throught the industry for benchmark performance, reliability, integrity.

The range of NOVA Air Traffic Guidance and Control solutions gives air traffic controllers a comprehensive picture of traffic on or near the airfield and provides air traffic management decision-support tools.

Indra Navia’s subsidiary, Normeka AS, is a mechanical manufacturing facility specializing in sheet-metal tooling, machining, welding and fitting. Along with Normeka’s own AmpliSafe frangible masts and AmpliForm aluminum-mesh products, the company manufactures antennas for the NORMARC products.

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