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Water is used in different ways throughout industry – from steam production and in heating systems to cooling, cleaning, washing and food and beverage process lines. There are varying demands for the quality of water to be used. To avoid scale, corrosion and microbial development in industrial systems the inlet water has to be chemically treated and cleaned. To meet stringent environmental requirements and contribute positively to economical and effective usage water to needs to be recycled and/or treated prior to discharging it to waste.

ESC Global Ltd manufactures and supplies specialist chemicals used in the treatment of industrial and commercial water. We assess and deliver specialised water treatment services. We conduct risk assessments and analyse individual processes and deliver water treatment chemicals ideally suited to the specific requirements of that system and the water therein. We regularly conduct on site service calls to ensure best practise is maintained. We currently perform well over 4,000 service related and analytical calls to customers internationally every year.

Industrikjemikalier MITCO AS

Water Treatment for Steam Production
For the desalting and softening of inlet water in boilers ESC Global supply a range of flocculants, chemicals, pressure filters, ion exchange filters and reverse osmosis systems. We also have a portfolio of specialised chemicals designed for the treatment of fill water and condensate in steam generation systems. ESC Global also provide blow out equipment and on-line instrumentation for controlled water analysis.

Cooling Water Treatment
Cooling systems are manufactured to numerous specialised designs many of which are subject to a great variation of problems associated with system operation. ESC Global offer a range of technologies to treat these systems – often leading to a combination of fill water treatment and system chemical treatment. We have complete cooling water treatment regimes combining and including filtration, corrosion and scale inhibitor chemicals, surfactants and specialised biocides – all designed to prevent corrosion and deposit development as well as terminating, preventing or limiting the growth and development of Legionella and other harmful microorganisms within the system.

Treatment Water to Discharge
We are able to recommend and supply flocculants and other products ideally suited to treat water from most water sources for discharge.

Dosing Equipment
It is as important to choose the correct dosing equipment and dosing method for each system to be treated as it is to select the correct treatment programme. This ensures that the correct dosage is delivered at the correct concentration at the right contact time within the system. Our staff members are trained to recommend and supply the correct automatic dosing equipment, designed specifically to ensure the required water chemistry is maintained within the system, irrespective of changing system operations.

ESC Global – Service
Our service engineers perform pre determined visits to all our clients to ensure the water treatment measurement systems are monitored. Water analysis is carried out and any necessary adjustments and recommendations are made to the system immediately. We utilise the most up to date and effective specialised equipment to monitor the corrosive, scaling and biological tendencies in cooling, feed and water condensate.

Industrial water Treatment
We are a well established international organisation with highly qualified teams and have been solving our customer concerns in water treatment plants across numerous disciplines in Europe and the UK for well over 30 years. We guarantee you have chosen the correct water treatment partner and assure you of unequalled and professional advice at all times.

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