InFact Marketing

Professional, experienced help in market communication, marketing
and product management – when you need it.


InFact Marketing offers a model that gives flexibility around your specific needs and expectations,
no matter how big or small.

InFact Marketing offers:
    • Identification of main target groups
    • Communication strategies
    • Development and implementation of key messages, tools and activities for a global market
    • Promotion and growth of awareness in the right place to trigger two-way communications


I am an experienced business professional with over 25 years’ market communication, marketing, sales and product management experience within the biotech, life science and pharmaceutical industries. This broad global experience provides me with a good understanding and awareness of the business, customer and sales perspectives.

I have considerable practical experience with Swedish companies in a global market place. I  primarily focus on companies that have an innovative technology or business model as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


I enable you to present your company and products effectively,
in a global setting, using English.

If you would like to discuss how InFact Marketing could help you or your company with marketing or other solutions,
call Karen Frost on +46(0)70 204 70 03 or

Based in Stockholm - working globally